We're looking for 1000 People Committed to Having Meaningful Conversations

At ibble, we're reinventing social media to help people connect like never before. If you're an author, podcaster, public speaker, or community builder, we invite you to apply to become a Verified Voice.

Our video conversation threads are for real people who want to talk about real things.

You hear it every day.

Social media is a plague.

Social media is bad for mental health.

Social media is dividing us more and more.

Imagine a social media company that actually cares about your mental health.

Members of our Verified Voice program selected entirely based on their experience and ability to have meaningful conversations.


Become a Verified Voice on ibble.

Unlike other social media platforms, you don't have to have a massive following to be verified. It's the work you do, not the attention you get, that matters to us.

Get 1-on-1 Support Building Your Tribe

Our Community Managers will help build your audience on ibble and find the people who are looking for your message. Whatever you need, we've got you.

Be Featured Inside The ibble App... and Out

We have an entire team dedicated to promotion and celebrating our Verified Voices. If you are looking lead conversations that matter, you are no longer alone in your quest.

Created by a literal rocket scientist.

ibble was started by a former NASA engineer whose work on the International Space Station inspired a simple but powerful goal... helping people understand each other.

Note from the founder:

After having an amazing run at NASA and subsequently building and selling two companies in Austin TX, I wanted to take on something big. After talking to a few close friends, I chose something that was becoming more and more of an issue: the polarization of our society caused by social media.

It's not just affecting us here in the USA, it's all over the world. But if we can change it here, we can change it just about everywhere.

Imagine a platform where civil discourse is the norm, not the exception, even when we're talking about difficult subjects that we can't agree on.

On ibble, people have the option of choosing any username they want, just like every other platform. And people can choose to post text, audio OR video, like many other platforms. But our video-first conversation threads have a way of bringing out the humans and leaving the trolls under the bridge.

From light engagement on our Let's Talk community to heavy conversation in our Politics community, we have witnessed the magic of convenient, human-to-human connections time and again. Voices of ibble is our way of multiplying that magic.

If you believe, as I do, in the power of honest conversations and real, interpersonal relationships, then I cannot wait to have you become a Verified Voice on ibble and help me reinvent social media for the good of us all.

Co-Founder & CEO

ibble Inc.

How It Works

You'll get to lead the conversations you want to, through the Voices on ibble program, with 1:1 support from us.


Apply to be a Voice

Provide your information in the form so we can evaluate your submission. No information will ever be shared with a 3rd party, we're not T**Tok.


Get Connected with a Team Member

Upon submission, a team member will reach out to discuss your application, help you create your profile, and get you onboarded.


Lead as a Verified Voice

Once you're approved, we'll help you all set up on the platform (with perks!) so that you fully know what's going on.


We're getting feedback from our Voices, and adding more information everyday.

What happens once you're a Voice?

✅ You're verified on the backend

✅ You'll be featured in-app as part of Highlighted Voices

✅ You'll have direct access to the team if you need support
✅ You'll have direct access to the team for feature requests

✅ You can request introductions to any other Voices on the platform

✅ You can choose to create your own public or invite-only community

✅ You'll be able to join any community you'd like, or also create your own

✅ You'll get first access to NFT integrations, monetization, and new features

Who can join?

✅ Currently, Voices is invite-only
✅ Selected voice can invite up to 2 of their friends and/or peers, who will be fast-tracked through the approval process

What does the program entail?

✅ Voices will be invited to a Voices-only program
✅ Voices can choose how much to engage with the community

What are we looking for inVoices?

✅ People who are passionate about sharing their message through content

✅ People who want to connect with others like them on the platform

✅ Those looking to join intimate communities of like-minded people

Is there a commitment?

✅ You have the choice to engage as much as you want with the platform, community, and other Voices.
✅ To get the most out of this, we encourage you to create more so you get to connect with others :)

Why was ibble created?

✅ ibble is a social media platform to help people have real conversations on social media, which is something that is not happening right now.

Will Voices get 1:1 attention?

✅ Yes! All Voices are introduced to a community manager, right after approval

Is there going to be a community?

✅ Yes! We're building a private community on ibble itself, so that people can connect with each other.

Come Visit!

We're real people who would really like to meet you. If you're ever in Austin, TX, please come see us at ibble Studios and we'll show you where the magic happens.

We're located right on 6th street just a block and a half from Congress, and we can be reached at voices@ibble.io any time.

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